Second Notice

For those who have been following this blog, I got a second notice from God.

For those who haven’t, here is a short recap. In my last post “Army trucks, rowboats and helicopters” I wrote about a friend from work who mentioned a church I might like. His suggestion was reinforced a few days later when I met someone at dinner that just happened to attend that same church.

My friend also mentioned a second church.

After publishing my last post a different coworker was talking to me about my blog and when I asked which church she attended, guess which one she named? No, not the same one I had just tried – the second one my friend named!

Since God had gotten my attention with the first reinforcement I knew I had to try the second church before making any decision. That was last Sunday and I now have two churches that I think I will like.

Obviously I won’t make a decision on just one visit each, but I can see that God wants me to attend church so he is making it easy for me to find services that really speak to me.

I have no clue how this story ends or which church I will finally settle on, only that God is holding my hand throughout this journey and that I will be in his care no matter what happens or when it happens.


2 thoughts on “Second Notice

  1. Hello Allen L. My name is Lupe Sanchez and I attend Christ the King in Mount Vernon. I attended the Friday and Saturday workshop regarding “4 kings to hearing God’s Voice”. You caught my eye and my friend Joanne Brawley (during break) told me that she had just got through talking with you. She told me about the Lord healing you. You were in a wheel chair and now you walk. What a beautiful gift from God. My friend pointed you out across the table before leaving. I would really like for you to share the miracle. I attend the 10:am service. I visited two other churches before Christ the King and this is where the lord wants me. Thank you, God Bless you.

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