Second Notice

For those who have been following this blog, I got a second notice from God.

For those who haven’t, here is a short recap. In my last post “Army trucks, rowboats and helicopters” I wrote about a friend from work who mentioned a church I might like. His suggestion was reinforced a few days later when I met someone at dinner that just happened to attend that same church.

My friend also mentioned a second church.

After publishing my last post a different coworker was talking to me about my blog and when I asked which church she attended, guess which one she named? No, not the same one I had just tried – the second one my friend named!

Since God had gotten my attention with the first reinforcement I knew I had to try the second church before making any decision. That was last Sunday and I now have two churches that I think I will like.

Obviously I won’t make a decision on just one visit each, but I can see that God wants me to attend church so he is making it easy for me to find services that really speak to me.

I have no clue how this story ends or which church I will finally settle on, only that God is holding my hand throughout this journey and that I will be in his care no matter what happens or when it happens.


Reposting from Encouraging U

My friend who writes the blog Encouraging U just put up something that arrived just as I needed a pick-me-up so I’m giving you a teaser and the address so that you can read the whole thing

Greater things are a possibility for me!

Greater learning improving personal ability;

Greater satisfaction is something I can achieve,
Greater usefulness is possible, because I now believe.