Army trucks, rowboats and helicopters

There is an old shaggy dog story that goes like this:

There was a man standing on his porch watching the water rise in the street when an Army truck drove up and the driver called to the man “There is a flood coming. Get in and I’ll drive you to safety!” The man replied “No, thank you. I’m a Christian and God will protect me!”

A few hours later the water was up to the first floor and the man was looking out of a second floor window when a man came by in a rowboat and called to him “Get in and I’ll take you to safety.” The man again replied “No, thank you. I’m a Christian and God will protect me!”

Much later that night, the water was all the way up to the top of the second floor and the man was clinging to the roof when a helicopter dropped a rope and someone called down, “grab the rope and we’ll pull you up to safety.”

The many replied for the third time “No, thank you. I’m a Christian and God will protect me!”

The man drowned and was in front of God asking; “Why didn’t you protect me?”

God, of course, replied – I sent you an Army truck, a rowboat and a helicopter! What else did you expect me to do?

The point of this story for me is to be sure I see “God’s Army truck” when it stops in front of my house and not wait for the flood to carry me away.

Like many people, I am so full of my plans and expectations that I miss the little hints that God sends to me. Sometimes, in the suggestions from friends and even from my enemies; sometimes in the form of problems that cause me to redirect my life.

If I miss those subtle queues, then comes the full-fledged flood and I end up with a huge problem because I didn’t listen.

I just moved to a new town and a friend from work suggested a church just up the street from my apartment. I moved in on a Saturday and to celebrate, I went out for dinner. Since I was alone, I sat at the bar so I wouldn’t have to wait for a table.

A couple was sitting next to me and we struck up a conversation and it turned to God and they attend the same church that my friend suggested!

Was my friend’s suggestion the army truck? Was the couple sitting next to me at dinner the rowboat?

I think I’ll try the church and not wait for the helicopter!


3 thoughts on “Army trucks, rowboats and helicopters

  1. This is a great example that challenges the reader to consider what’s going on. We need to be alert and aware of situations, but also we must be open to what the Bible says about trusting and obeying the LORD.

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