John 18:11 Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?

John 18:11 tells of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane as he is approached by the priests and the solders come to arrest him. Peter draws his sword in an attempt to stop them. Jesus tells him to put up his sword and asks Peter “Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me”?

The lesson for us is that we too must endure the trials of the world and work our way through them secure in the knowledge that just as God directed Jesus, He is directing us. It was necessary for Jesus to be crucified, to die and to rise from the dead in order to prove to the world that he was indeed the Son of God. 

In the same way, when presented with the trials we receive from this fallen world, we must go through the whole sorry process to come out the other side closer to the person God want’s us to be. God rarely sends these trials into our lives, they are created by the far from perfect word we live in and the far from perfect people we are. God does use these events to teach us His lessons and to help form us into the more perfect person He want’s us to be. 

While going through most of these events is not my idea of a good time, I know that I have to pass through them and get to the other side to reach the next stage in my life and development. At the times I feel most hurt and alone I can only trust that God is with me and that I will eventually reach the other side. 

As my emotions whipsaw me from happy and excited about the future to sad and lonely about what I have lost, I remember that while I feel lonely I am not alone, God is with me, and that just as I felt happy and excited earlier I will pass through this period of sadness and be happy and excited again.


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