Day eighteen of I Declare by Joel Osteen directs me to declare, “Breakthroughs are coming in my life, sudden bursts of God’s goodness”. It furthers calls me to declare; “I am expecting God to overwhelm me with His goodness and amaze me with His favor”.

As a child my parents taught me to pray for God’s guidance to know what to do to accomplish what I wanted or needed. God would only give me the means to do those things but I would have to do the work. Further if my prayers weren’t answered it was because my own faith was weak or I was praying for something that God decided I shouldn’t have.

Since so many of my prayers went unanswered I grew to believe that while God loved me, he didn’t favor me. He seemed to give those around me continuous blessings but I needed to work so much harder for less.

I am coming to believe that my understanding was very limited and that God will do amazing miracles in my life if I will take the restrictions off my thinking. God may indeed simply call the right job opening to my attention in the Help Wanted section, but he may introduce me to someone in the line at the grocery store who offers me a job after hearing that I am looking for work and what I do.

God can be the “still small voice” but also the burning bush and while I cannot limit God, I can narrow my vision to the point that I will miss something God has set for me outside of my tunnel vision. How many times have I been so focused on looking down at where my feet are that I have missed the budding trees?

In the same way, if I limit my vision to only being lead to do the footwork I will simply miss God’s bounty of opportunities. Just as we are saved by Grace and not by our own effort, so too is much of God’s bounty freely given without us doing even the simplest footwork.


One thought on “Breakthroughs

  1. Excellent. There’s logic and truth in your writing, and that grabs our attention. I’m going to share this URL with all my family and friends today! God has an amazing future for you, to His glory and for your great joy.

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